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Update? Update.

2014-03-14 19:28:39 by CapnChaos

Never mind if it's been over a year.


So it seems the carefree days of my youth have ended, and along with that apparently has come the end of my Newgrounds frequenting. 

I'd like to start coming round again, but it seems like I never have the time these days. Iunno, maybe I'll come back around if you guys (HomicidialFrog and STALKERClock, and less likely Pearlock. You too Retrato.) comment up on in here. My ultimate plan was to return in a blaze of glory and animation, but well, this happened:

On top of that, due to a hard drive corruption I lost 100% of the progress I was making on a flash version of Link's Awakening, it wasn't going to be a 1:1 copy, but I was going somewhere with that.  >:(

So there you have it.


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2014-03-17 00:03:06

Ah, dear ole Capn, it be only luck that I have stumbled upon this post. Men, as much as I would love to hang out in NG as often as we all used to, I'm afraid those times are long gone. Call it what you will, but I feel it's the lack of communities on NG now a days that killed it for simple people like us. It seems now that NG has just transformed into a place where unknown and lowly animators dump their flash movies and games instead of a thriving community of artists and spammers alike. Think about it; The Clock Crew, The Lock Crew, The Kitty Krew, Betty's Ballers, and even the mighty Hayabusa Clan are no more(Not to mention great artists like Egoraptor, Stamper, Catoblepas, Golfinho, Hulalaoo, theWeebl, chluaid and many, many more rarely post if not ever at all on NG anymore). NG has become a grey, colourless website...and it is a great shame. I wish it wouldn't be so. I wish I was just being an idiot and clinging on to the past...but it really is just dead as our glory days.

CapnChaos responds:

I wondered if you'd come here on off chance men. Something inside me foresaw this.

I do wish that NG was back to the days of yore. Nowadays it's like the slums of video hosting. It's not viable to use this site anymore. Youtube is superior for both hosting and sharing videos or music, and many many other sites are better for art sharing.

The purpose of this post was more or less to let everyone know what I'm up to in case they come round again. While we talk on Skype, men, I wish I was still in touch with my other friends from here.

I met a bunch of really cool guys on here, from all over the planet. And we were one in the same. Peas in a pod. It was beautiful.


2015-04-23 15:27:23